So, its been awhile since I have had any motivation to write about anything. It’s been about five months actually. I started off this year with high hopes in doing all of the things I set out in my new year’s resolutions list. Here is what I said I was going to do… Teach myself […]

What I have been doing so far in 2015. Applying to graduate schools and getting ready for some traveling with my boyfriend. Going on a bit of a rant on the prices of a good education and the jobs that result from them.

Alright! Post one of 2015. Just wanted to write up on how I am currently working on resolution #1. Learning how to play the violin. I got the violin last night! I had to watch a bunch of videos on how to get it going. I learned all about rosin, setting up the bridge, tuning […]

Only three more days of the year 2014. I cannot believe we are already 15 years into the 2000’s. I still remember sitting and waiting for all of the computers to shut down and the world to end during Y2K. I also cannot believe I am 24. It is funny when I think about all […]

Now that it is Christmas time, and the year is finally ending, I figured I would put what I learned in 2014 in writing. I am just free-writing this blog with no set plan so we will see how it goes. Hmmm… What have I learned this year? 1: Don’t ever put anyone before yourself. […]

The other day I was getting ready for work, looking in the mirror I remembered some painful feelings that have not surfaced in me for a long time. It wasn’t because of anything that has happened to me lately. But, when I looked in the mirror, I remembered all of the times that I used […]

I was driving home the other day with one of my coworkers when something absolutely wonderful happened. We were talking about some issues people face when trying to be positive. As I was talking to him I realized that a certain feeling had resurfaced in my mind. It was a feeling that I have not […]

Yay!! I finally ate at a french restaurant last weekend. For all of the years that I have been studying the french language and culture; I finally can say I have gotten an actual taste of it. Last weekend one of my friends and I went to a restaurant called Mon Ami Gabi in Lincoln […]

This product is my absolute favorite, can’t live without product. Say hello to Fake Bake Flawless!  I have always been very pale. Being that I am Irish (among other things), I have always had very fair skin. I didn’t like being so pale when I was younger so I started tanning in tanning beds when […]

So in the midst of my confusion I finally decided what I want to do with the next couple years of my life. I feel like a light bulb has turned on inside my brain. I have written posts on how I have been trying to find my passion and figuring out what my next step […]